IPhone, Android | use both at the same time


Most people prefer Android but some prefers iPhone. It hard to choose as both also have trade off. Why don't we use both at the same time? Now we don't have to mourn over this as Esti Eye have solution for the congregate.

Eye by Esti is an Android with smart phone case which could mount iPhone at the back connected to the lightning port. Therefore, the Android can control the camera of the Iphone which you can take selfies with the rear camera. You can mount each of the device with 1 SIM card. Also, there are some models with 2 two SIM card spots. Which means you can use three SIM at same time

This is Kickstarter. There are no official date for when it will be launch yet. Anyway, I would want this as some off the apps only available on IOS which is not Android and vice versa. There also rumors that with the Eye, you can easily transfer the file from IOS to the android.. Nice!

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Sila share pendapat anda..thanks!

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