Celebrity X : Celebrity Cruises


Judging by the name celebrity X : Celebrity cruises, the first though came in through people mine must be 'oh yeah! It ,must be only for celebrity. Well, it is not 100% true if you have enough have inside the pocket, then you may have the chance to ride the exclusive cruises. Here I will list down some of the celebrity cruises.

Royal Caribbean

The special things about this cruise are designer, architects and executives can explore through the cruise via VR at the cave (The innovation center. The VR enable them to arrange the design of the ship as simple as where to place any furniture to restructure the skeletal design of the Celebrity Edge, due in late 2018.
The words state by the ceo which means the beauty of the ships is not from the VR.

The infinity view. Imagine that from the main balcony you can enjoy the limitless view of sky and sea beyond our imaginary rich. Thats is what the Edge offers to us. The structure of outside balcony have swapped into the indoor with windows across the entire sky.

Thats not all. There will be magic carpet, bigger bedroom, bathroom and everything. It is sexy as hell!

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