Oregon : Avian Cholera


You remember A-Fluenza, H1F1 or so called bird flu which has killed many birds in farms-asia country. Now a virus called Avian Cholera (Good name) had believed to spread in south-central Wasihngton last week. The wildlife official in Washington have already confirmed that 1,200 ducks dead were reported last week.

Commonly, Avian Cholera is famous among ducks, geese and other north American water birds.
Birds infected with the avian cholera show symptoms like mucus overlowing through their mouth and nose, and their motor function also not working properly, thus they look very weak. The death follow those infected within six to 12 hours.

This surely gets attention from public as it kills bird very quick. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) reported that several hundeds of ducks found dead over the weekend on Stanfield and Milton Freewater areas. The result to test the confirm of death still pending but ODFW warn people to take precaution to avoid the disease from speading.

Do not worry, the avian cholera effect on people is extremely weak. Avian Cholera is kind of bacteria disease that spreads through bird to bird contact, and consumation of water and food contained with the bacteria.

ODFW is asking the public to report sick or dead birds by calling 1-866-968-2600 or email wildlife.health@state.or.us.

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