Finding Happiness : 15 Steps on happiness


Waking up early in the morning, and we found out our self to be miserable.
Because of stress of course.
We ought to think a lot of problem that circulating love our daily life.
Therefor, I`m gonna share some ways to find the happiness and make a bit of joyful moment.
Here the 15 steps on how to be happy.

  1. Firstly, determine what you love to do most. As example you hobby. Some people love reading, playing games, riding bicycle, jogging, cooking and many mores. It ups to you on your activity. Choose something really suite yourself and start DO IT! If you really don`t know what you are up to, ask somebody that really close to you as they may know what you really love to in you life. As for myself, playing with my kids help me ease my tense.
  2. Sometimes, it is not about yourself. It is about others. Helping others make us some kind of saving Humanity. Yeah, giving out to random people really make out of it. If never done that before, you will never know how the feels. Start with you friends if you are not comfortable helping some random people. Here some video of Tubers helping random homeless.
  3. Here`s something that people mostly do but not done very well. It is very popular trend that you can do with your friends through finger tips. Socialize. Getting used to technology make us feel that we really have many friends. In reality, you are just sitting alone and holding a plastic metal device. SO get up and go meet your friends. Share you though and have a fun time together without your phones in the way. Watch below on what smart phone do to us.
  4. Be thankful. We forgot to be grateful that we are born to great family, have a good friend and still can breath a fresh air. There are others that face hard worthy life compare to us. If you really complaining everything small issue comes to you, come here and I will smack you ass!
  5. Smile even it is a fake one... When you smile, others will smile back at you. Its a magical sensation which can make your heart feel very ease at least. See me smile right now with the magical sensation. Stop making a smug face. NOthing comes better from it.
  6. Well, as you body becomes sloppy. It is because you never stretch it out. It make us feel our body as heavy as the stress is. GO out and start doing routine exercise. At least once a week is nice. After a 30 minutes of exercise, we can feel our body become lighter that before.
  7. Stress management. You can see my old post or point number 1 and 2 to manage your stress. Don`t ever let the stress to control you. It that ever happen, then you can see things going out of control and its hard to take over with the stress. Best to avoid that from happening. Feel free to share your problems here as we can help to suggest you on how to control them in a better way.
  8. Foods? Hell yeah. Spend some of your money to eat food that you really love. The pleasure may help us in a good way. Mostly ladies, love to eat chocolate and it is more about passionate. Anyway please avoid eating so much junk food as it is never good for our help.
  9. After stress, foods, then what? Time. Yeah of course TIME! We are given 24 hours per day. But each of us use them differently. Did you use it up to fully enjoy or working the whole day. The fundamental value over here is how you spend the time to achieve work-life balance. Regain as much time to spend with your love once. Don`t looked over phone so much when you`re at home. That`s what people do nowadays. When they get back from work, each of us only look at smartphone without spend much time for each other. 
  10. After work-life balance, then yin-yang comes in! Which I refer to positify. I don`t need to tell much regarding this. Throw away you negative thoughts and be positive dudes!!!
  11. Be forgiven and moved on. Do not moans toward the past and keep moving forward bae!
  12. Travel is nice. Journey is challenge. Experience is our Guru. Keep that in mind!
  13. Be yourself. Yolo look at others. Ask your heart what you really wish for. 

Well that`s all for now. Please comment if you have any thought or comment regarding my advice. I`m not an expert but I shall reach out to you guys which needed help.

Byee and see you in next post!

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