Google Keep : 5 reasons why I choose Keep


I started to use Google Keep last year and it seems really nice easy to use.
It helps me when eveytime I have and ideas or something I want to remember later that I don`t want to forget, I can write them in Google Keep. It is very useful for blogger like me.
First of all, of course it is free. You can just google account and it will sync in every device you use.

Here are 5 reasons why I choose Keep as my precious helper in daily life:

  1. Very light and clean. I can easily manage every notes  I have in Keep. I can rearrange them prior to important notes on top. The design is very simple and minimal but it have all the function we really need to manage those.
  2. Eye candy. Yes, you can set different colour for each notes and it is very nice. 
  3. Add notes, picture, and even drawings. If you have Keep in you mobile phone, you can also record voice and takes picture into notes.
  4. Reminder. As you have a notes or list you want to finish but afraid that you won`t remember, you can set reminders in each notes so you able to keep track on what you really want to makeup before time is running out.
  5. The most important feature that is include which point out Keep as my first choise is that it is very safe when you accidently delete any notes that you are not supposed to, you can check them inside the trash Bin. The notes will only be deleted after 7 days. So whenever you found that any notes missing, you can check inside the Bin or in Archive folder.

So this 5 top reason why I really like Keep. 
If there are any features which I skip, please comment it here.
Also is you have any other better alternative than Keep, please share them here..

Thanks for reading!

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