HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! How To Plan Your Best Year Ever!



GOOD BYE 2016!

The past memories never forgettable.
Create more sweet memories for the next year..

So what's your plan and wish for the next year?

How to plan your best year ever?

Life doesn't have to be so boring.
You can set goals to achieve everything you've ever wanted!

With the strategies listed below, you can implement planning your best year - every year.
This is what syam plan for my next year.
The key is to have a plan.
And that's what syam show you how to do below.

Syam beleive you can make next year your best year ever.
You can create a year that you remember for the rest of your life.
You don't have to squander another year.
Life doesn't have to be so hard and you don't have to be bored.
You don't have to be in the same place next year.

1. Reflect on the last year

You need to look back what you did last year and compare to it to your goals and visions for your life.

"Experience teaches you nothing. Evaluated experience teaches you something."

You can do the best for the next year but you should evaluate the experiences so you know what worked and what didn't.

Remember this questions?
- How did you do in each of the eight life categories last year? (environment, financial, relationships, health, attitudes, spiritual development, service and contribution)
-What are your overall feelings for the last year?
- What did you like about last year? What did you accomplish?
- What you hate about last year? What disappointed you?
- If you could change anything about the last year, what would it be?

Must write down the answer, so you can get the idea and most effective! Trust me!
It forces you to organize and bring clarity to your thoughts.

2.Write down big visions for your life

Think about your life from a high level, think how you to be remembered.

-Have a family who you prioritize over everything else
-Become financially independent
- Work for yourself doing something you love
- Practice a life of generosity
- Make the world a better place

Because it will show you the direction next.
The clearer you are about what you want,
The more likely you are to live fulfilled, without regret.

3. Set goals

To set goals, use SMART metod..
S Specific
M Measurable
A Achievable
R Realistic
T Timely

Must be specific.. How and what you want.. and has due date..

Example : About financial planner.You want settles your debt RM50,000 last on june 2017..
And make sure achievable, come out with the strategies how to achieve on time.

4. Find your BIG WHY

Finding WHY  that you need to know why you want what you want.
Always asking over and over why you want it.
and you will find the real why.

If not, your goals just as written down, not in really what you want..
With the big why.
You already SET MIND you really WANT IT and MORE FOCUS to achieve it what ever obstacle comes through.
It will make you more focus and give commitment greater than if you ever knew your real why.
It keep you going through the flow.
Knowing your why propels you forward, it keeps you going when things get tough.
Once you find your real WHY, nothing will stop you from living your best year ever.

5. Set up systems to implement your best year ever

If you have systems in place that you know will keep you on track, use them.
This is several ways that syam use.
- Create a digital calendar in your smart phones. You can come out with your appointments and what you do every day without waste time.
-Put deadlines on calendar to accomplish your goals.
- Put monthly check-in your calendar to reflect and revise your plan based on your progress. Evaluate your experiences. Make changes where necessary.
- Use Evernote (memopad) to keep this post in and track your progress. From that, you can learn which step is more effective to you to achieve goals.

Syam believe with the strategies, you can make next year your best year ever!


Sina Shaari

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