Reasons why I choose Blogger over Wordpress


Many of the review say Wordpress are way better than Blogger.

I have read several website on comparing these two giant platform for blogging.
Here are some of them (If you search Blogger VS Wordpress on Google, these web are those on top):
  1. The main pinpoint mentioned by is about the ownership. It state that Google completely owned Blogger and possible that there may shut it down which I`m not agree with that. There are a lot of publisher from Blogger platform which uses Adsense and if they close them, they may have suffer a loss it.
  2. There are some limitation over the control of how we want to customize the website, which is not needed by a beginner Blogger like me. There are many WordPress plugins which allowing you to modify and extend the default featureIf you are just a new jumper in blogging world, all you need is basic tool to post and edit the layout of the blog.
  3. Appearance is also one of the comparison for Blogger and Wordpress. Wordpress offer you a lot of appearance which is candy to the eye. Blogger, they only offer you a number of template which is outdated. But if want the site to look cool, you can install a custom template which I will update in future post. Well, I don`t give a damn about that as I went through some of the ugly and simple sites but still able to generate thousands of views per day due to the quality of the content. As long as the content is good, you may generate number of views.
  4. Security and Maintenance. Blogger managed and secured by Google which you don`t need to worry if there are some hackers about to hijack your website. Meanwhile, if you use the external host by Wordpress, it did not guarantee the safety of the site and also the total up time for the website. The host may down sometimes for their maintenance.
  5. If you are beginner in blogging world, you may not want to spend so much money. The Cost to maintain your blogging website is totally free. The time when money need to get out of the pocket is when you want to upgrade the domain name. If you choose to use Wordpress to the extend, you need to buy a host and also a domain. Most of the Wordpress host provider by provide them together.
If you can see here, there are pros and cons over Wordpress and Blogger.

I totally recommend Blogger for beginner and normal user for website.

If you are into CMS, web store and advance web plugin, feel free to look into Wordpress.

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